Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique
Many people have been treated successfully since the development of this technique in 1983.   Dr Devi Nambudripad developed NAET as a successful answer to her own severe allergies.

NAET uses the principles of Chinese medicine to treat allergens.  It is gentle and non-invasive.  At your initial appointment a comprehensive medical history and details of your allergies and symptoms will be taken.

At your first Appointment
Allergy tests will be performed using all the major food groups, environmental factors including moulds, household chemicals, perfumes, dust and pesticides.

The testing uses the principles of kinesiology.  You will be asked to hold substances in your hand.  The other arm is used to test muscle strength to determine which substances you are sensitive to.  Children and babies can be tested using the parent/carer.

When an allergen is held the muscle tested should be strong, if not the patient may be susceptible to allergic reactions to that substance.

Having identified the allergens, you can then decide to avoid the allergens, or have them treated.   One allergen or groups of allergens are treated each time.

The treatment aims to re set your immune system, making you less reactive.  Over a course of treatments symptoms should become less acute.

In follow up consultations you will be re tested for substances treated at the  previous appointment.   We then continue to treat for other substances.  You will be advised on your first visit the likely number of treatments necessary.

What are allergies?
Allergies are sensitivities to certain substances.   The Body sees harmless substances as a threat and initiates inappropriate responses after contact with certain allergens.

Allergies can be triggered by stress, trauma, exposure to strong or toxic substances or they can be inherited. Stress and anxiety can make sensitivities worse.