Giving up Smoking is not easy, get all the help you can!

Acupuncture can help with the symptoms of withdrawall and help give you the determination to stick with it.


JA quit smoking, using acupuncture, here's her storey.

“I smoked 10 to 15 fags a day for almost 40 years, 30 years of which were spent hoping one day I’d wake up and never fancy another and to be one of those people who would proudly say they’d stopped, just like that.

After seven failed attempts with starting the NHS nicotine replacement therapy, cheating each time, but smoking more than ever. I never imagined acupuncture would help a fruitless case like me. My destiny was to continue with a habit that made me cough, smell and squander money away at roughly £30 per week. After 245 days of giving up, I’ve saved nearly £1000.

My first session of acupuncture gave me glimmer of hope that this painless and calming method would strengthen my willpower and determination. I knew it wouldn’t be instant. I used patches correctly, and checked in with the NHS phone app. I did not cheat, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw my last unfinished pack away. I hated being a smoker, but the devil in me loved every drag I’d take.  I’d be annoyed when my cigarette was finished.  My parents were both heavy smokers, I’d had bronchitis on a number of occasions, and always had a good excuse for not feeling fit or particularly well - “I smoke!”


“I couldn’t go swimming, running or join an exercise class, I’m a smoker,  addicted to one of the hardest drugs to give up, I’m weak”.  I’d just buy another pack and get on with life. Maybe I’ll give up next month.


In January 2013,  I’d had a rasping cough since the beginning of winter and felt dreadful.  I'd recently learned that I was to become a Grandmother.  This was it,  I had the perfect incentive. Liz listened patiently to my negative thoughts and turned them into positive ones. 


The Treatment

Acupuncture needles were placed in my arms and legs and some in my ear.   The ones used in my ear were little seeds, stuck on with a discreet plaster.   These, I was instructed to stimulate every time I had an urge, felt frustrated, angry, sad or if my resolve weakened. Five of these altogether, whilst stimulating them I would repeat encouraging, calming words to myself.  Did this feel mad? No it didn’t. This gave me more power than any new patch puff on the nicotine inhaler. I developed a deep and meaningful relationship with my heart, liver and kidneys.  These are the organs I was told would strengthen my resolve, encourage my will and cool any of the heightened emotions I sometimes experienced in the early days.  I could quickly squeeze these ear points anywhere, anytime.

Every day that I was smoke free felt like an amazing diet would, losing a 1lb a day for instance. I knew it wouldn’t be an instant cure but I knew I was gradually building up my inner strength.


Over 8 months later, I go running when I can and feel fit and so proud. My family can’t believe it either and have gained their respect at finding the strength.


Liz understands first hand the desire to smoke and the difficulty of stopping a rewarding and enjoyable habit. Conquering smoking with the help of acupuncture has now made me feel that I’m a stronger person. I will be able to cope with life’s other hurdles. I certainly have this year.