Arm Pain
 I was getting pains in my lower arm, elbow and upper arm.  I also suffer from a bad back.  I needed my arms to be pain free for my job, which involved lots of typing.  After having acupuncture on my arms,  they weren't as painful, and as an added bonus my back felt much better too.  Liz used moxa on the needles which warms them and feels really relaxing.


After a fall on a bus I cold not move my shoulder for years. Simple things like putting on a coat were excrutiating, I had to have help to get dressed. After a course of acupuncture I now have very little pain, I can dress my self and can now drive again. Acupuncture has really helped me. 


Arm pain and shoulder pain
After being involved in a car accident and then falling onto my hands,  my right arm really suffered. I found driving very difficult as I couldn't lift my arm with out it trembing and hurting.  I wasn't sure about having acupuncture,  so Liz used her knowledge of the meridians and acupoints and massaged my back and arm.  The injury was quite bad,  recovery took a while,  but now I just come along every month to have a maintenence treatment.  I am so pleased as I really didn't think my arm would ever improve.


I had a problem with my knee,  I had arthroscopy, but I still had pain and swelling in my knee. After having acupuncture, the swelling got better, I can now walk for longer distances,  and have almost no pain in my knee.


Although I have given examples of some of my patients sucess stories I cannot make any claim to cure or state that acupuncture has helped specfic conditions. 
The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) anounced guidelines which restrict printing details of what acupuncture can treat. If you wish to discuss any specific symptoms you may need help for, or wish to make an appointment, please phone either Liz or Katie.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.